Staff of Memories and Knowledge -  Prototype

Staff of Memories and Knowledge - Prototype


Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. I currently have work in a few exhibitions and a few coming up soon.

Currently, at the West Chicago City Museum, I am presenting Affinity Train as a part of Home exhibition curated by Sara Phalen and Anni Holm. For more information on this exhibition please visit their site. The exhibition will run through Spring 2020.

Also curated by Anni Holm, I will be presenting a piece titled You Are One Of Us to be included in the Art Connects exhibition. More information will be coming soon.

Beginning in October I will be presenting work titled Staff of Memories and Knowledge as a part of Terrain Biennial. The Biennial officially opens on October 4th and runs through November 17th. My work will be presented at 2620 Central Ave. in Evanston IL. More information on Terrain Biennial can be found here.

As a part of Terrain Biennial I will also be presenting work for one evening at Aspect/Ratio Gallery for the Biennial Launch Party. More information on Aspect/Ratio Gallery can be found here.

Additionally, for Terrain Biennial, I am a host/curator for some of the Uptown, Chicago locations. I am working with Colette Wright Adams and P.C. Gooden-Smiley in bringing together 5 artists for 5 locations. Keep an eye out for the location announcements from Terrain Biennial curatorial team soon.

I have additional work, exhibitions, workshops and conference presentations coming up. I will update my site as they become available.

For the time being the Education section will be kept password protected as I work to receive approval from various educational institutions and organizations. If you would like to learn more about some of my educational projects and experiences please feel free to contact me at uneden [at] gmail [dot] com. I will gladly share my work.